Pacific Coast Electric Heating and Air: Your Solution to All Electrical Challenges in Sunnyvale

Pacific Coast Electric Heating and Air (PCE) is Sunnyvale’s best electrical consulting and electrical service provider that serves both the residential sector and commercial sector. We are your most dependable electrical contractor because over the years we have laid the foundations of quality and excellence in everything we do. We will educate you with the information required to make informed decisions regarding your residential and commercial electrical needs.

It is better to avoid meddling with electrical wiring and electrical equipment because it might result in short circuits and unexpected fires that can cause damage to lives and property. Electrical repairs require specialized skills and expertise that the teams at Pacific Coast Electric Heating and Air have. We ensure your electrical fixtures are repaired correctly the first time so that you do not worry about broken electrical systems again. PCE makes sure you feel safe and secure in your own home and office.

PCE is attentive to your electrical emergencies 24/7. Our reliable services will never keep you waiting with an electrical disaster at hand. Our licensed team of professionals specialize in repairing, updating and servicing your home or office electrical wiring and lighting for indoor and outdoor settings. They are familiar with all of the housing and home electrical requirements in the Sunnyvale area and make sure that your electrical fixtures and wiring is up to code so your health and safety is not compromised.

Whether it’s installing childproof outlets, rewiring with Cat5 Cabling, hanging a ceiling fan, or other electrical services,PCE is available wherever you need them at all times. No longer do you have to spend the time and energy to look for a skilled electrician, worry about unacceptable results or deal with companies that make huge promises, PCE is your professional Electrician choice in Sunnyvale.

Pacific Coast Electric Heating and Air Services in Sunnyvale

PCE provides a range of electrical services to our customers in Sunnyvale. Regardless of whether you are looking for seeking a solution for electrical failures or upgrading your existing electrical network, PCE Services provides the best you can have at an affordable price. 100% satisfaction or your money back guarantee in writing.


Benefit from PCE services at a single call away in Sunnyvale. No longer do you have to deal with electric maintenance or repairs on your own or feel unsafe while letting inexperienced technicians handle your electrical repairs.  Our experienced staff will arrive at your location on time without any delays and provide exceptional services.  Call us at (408-212-0230) or email:
at to get an appointment scheduled today. For more information, you can visit our website to see why we are the best electrical service contractors in Sunnyvale.