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Clogged or slow draining sinks and bathtubs, overflowing toilets, and backed up garbage disposals are all signs that you need your drains cleaned. When you experience any of these problems, call the professional plumbers at Pacific Coast Home Services. We have plumbers on-call and standing-by, to help fix your clogged drains.

If you want to keep your drains free and clear, consider contacting us for annual drain cleaning service. Our professional plumbers have the skills, tools, and knowledge to effectively clean your drains while protecting the quality of the pipes. Having a drain cleaning service can also help indicate any signs of water leaks you may not have been aware of. If so, our plumbing professionals will notify you of the repairs that need to be taken care of. Catching these leaks ahead of time can save you a lot of money in the future, because if it is not taken care of immediately your home can suffer from water damage due to the leaks.

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Signs You May Need a Drain Cleaning Service

Bad Odors

No matter how clean your home is you can’t seem get rid of that horrible smell that is lingering. This does indicate that you are not properly cleaning your home, this can be a result from sitting food or sewage in your drainage pipes. Instead of covering up the smell with air fresheners, it is best to solve the root of the problem instead of covering the smell. Instead of letting the smell get worse or letting that build up accumulate even more, it is best to call the professionals you trust. Call Pacific Coast Home Services to assure you get a proper drain cleaning service and get rid of the bad odor.,

Slow Drain / Sitting Water

You are washing the dishes and your see your sink turning into a pool or you are taking a shower and you feel as if you are stepping in a puddle. Apart from getting frustrated waiting for the water to drain away, a slow drain is an early sign of a potential more serious problem that can occur if not taken care of immediately.

A few reasons why a slow drain may occur in the bathroom sink, and tub or shower can be build up from hair, toothpaste, soap scum, etc. that has started to accumulate around the inside surface of the drain pipe which will start affecting the drainage flow.

As for a slow drain when flushing the toilet it can be caused by flushing things down the toilet that are not meant to be flushed. These items include but not limited to wet wipes, large amounts of paper, feminine hygiene products, cotton balls, etc.

Lastly, a slow drain in the kitchen sink and dishwasher may be build up from food, grease, oils, coffee grounds, etc. If a slow drain is not taken care of immediately, it can result in the buildup completely clogging the pipe line which will result in having sitting water. Avoid this by regularly having your drains cleaned by a professional plumber at Pacific Coast Home Services.
To trouble shoot the hair clogs yourself you can pick up a hair tool removal tool at your local hardware store to clean the line of any hair. If after removing the hair or no hair coming out, call the professionals you trust at Pacific Coast Home Services.

Constant Clogs

Instead of rushing to the store to buy another gallon of drain cleaner thinking this will resolve your reoccurring clog problem, call the plumbing professionals at Pacific Coast Home Services. Drain cleaner might resolve your issue for a short time, but to prevent it from happening again a proper drain cleaning service will do the trick. Apart of dealing with toxic drain cleaning chemicals, it is also damaging your drain pipes. Drain cleaner is also dangerous if it is not used properly as instructed, and if it is not poured correctly it can damage the finish on your porcelain. A lot of homeowners believe that drain cleaner is the first option they have, but it is actually the last thing should be using for their drains.

Fruit Flies

What’s all the buzz? You look around and see that your kitchen is spotless from food, but still can’t find the source of why there are so many fruit flies. For starters, fruit flies can be a sign that your sink drain may have some food that has started to buildup in the drain. A simple solution to get rid of fruit flies is by having a proper drain cleaning service from the plumbing professionals at Pacific Coast Home Services.
Bubbling Sound

You just flushed the toilet and you hear bloop bloop bloop. Seeing and hearing bubbles coming from your toilet when you flush is a sign that your pipes have started to create a clog. As water makes its way through the formed clog air is rushing past the buildup and that is what creates that bubbling sound you hear. This particular problem will not go away on its own, the proper way to resolve this issue is by getting a drain cleaning service to clear the drain pipes.

Water Overflow

Did your toilet suddenly become a water fountain? When a drain is completely clogged and you flush your toilet, the water has nowhere to go but to overflow and cover your bathroom floor full of water. Not only are you frustrated that this just happened, but now you have to clean up the mess as soon as possible to avoid any water damage. Sometimes there may be a clog deeper into your main drain pipe instead of the source you think it is coming from and that the water overflow will come back up to another area of the home.

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