What Is Kitchen Cabinet Refacing?

It’s the process of changing the look of old furniture, making it look like new one. A correctly refaced one will get confused with a custom cabinet. Our furniture company handles a refacing process by changing all the exterior elements with stylish materials. We may need to change the doors and drawer fronts with new ones.

Is Kitchen Cabinet Refacing a Better Solution for You?

  • Less expensive than replacement

  • Cabinets aren’t sent to the landfill; more environmentally friendly

  • Less mess and disruption

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All new doors come with soft-close hinges. The doors won’t have those tasteless outside hinges that destroy their neat aspect anymore. For drawers, we’ll incorporate sliding rails. You’ll be able to open them so much easier, and they will also have the elegance of a modern one. We will cover the rest with a layer of veneer or wood. We will choose the style together with you and if you don’t have any preference, we’ll recommend a style that corresponds with the rest of your house and the same applies to the color.

Because of the simplicity of the process, we can break it down in 3 steps:

  • The detachment of the doors and drawers. In the first step, we remove all of these from the furniture that needs to be refaced. Most of the time the doors are changed completely, but in some rare cases, they can be kept and covered with veneer, the same as the rest of it. If they need to be changed, then we will help you choose new ones. There are many models you can choose from, but if you can’t decide we could recommend the ones that harmonize the best with your house. The procedure repeats itself for the drawers, but we rarely suggest keeping the fronts. In the majority of our projects, they are too damaged and it becomes impossible to hide everything with a layer of veneer or wood.
  • Cover the cabinet with veneer. We’ll cover the exterior with veneer. Usually, we recommend the shaker style with the color being white cloud, because it looks good in almost every house. But your opinion matters the most, if you want a certain style or a certain color, there’s no problem, we’ll listen to you and reface everything however you want.

  • Prepare and assemble the doors and drawers. After covering the body we’ll start covering the doors and fronts if needed, or start working with the new ones. They will certainly have the same style as the veneer or the wood with which we covered the rest of the furniture. You can choose the new handles, and don’t worry if you can’t decide, we’ll help you select the ones that harmonize with the style of the room. For the soft close hinges, it doesn’t matter how these look, because they won’t be seen from outside. After we finish with the doors, we’ll repeat the process for the drawer fronts and install the sliding rails. After that, we assemble everything and it’s done.

View Cabinet Refacing Before and After Images Below: