SPAN Electrical Panel

SPAN has reinvented the electrical panel for homes designed to modernize your home energy system by completely replacing your existing panel. With the SPAN electrical panel, you gain the ability to oversee and manage each circuit in your home directly from your mobile device. You can instantly grasp your home’s energy sourcing, storage, and consumption patterns. Plus, it paves the way for contemporary electrification enhancements such as solar panels and battery storage.

Benefits of SPAN Electrical Panel

  1. Master Your Home’s Energy – With the SPAN Home app, keep tabs on and regulate each circuit in your home instantly.
  2. Experience Comprehensive Home Backup – By partnering with battery storage, SPAN smartly prolongs your home’s backup duration during power outages.
  3. Set the Stage for Upcoming Home Enhancements – The dynamic load management paves the way for advanced electrification options such as solar systems, battery storage, heat pumps, and EV charging stations.
  4. Supercharge Your EV with SPAN Drive – Enjoy the highest possible charging speeds round the clock, without the need for a costly electrical upgrade.

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Why Should you Choose the SPAN Electrical Panel?

  1. Integrated Energy Management: SPAN’s electrical panel offers built-in energy management features that can balance loads, optimize solar installations, and even manage battery storage systems. This makes it easier for homeowners to integrate and manage renewable energy sources and batteries.
  2. Smart Controls: The SPAN panel allows homeowners to control and monitor their home’s power via a smartphone application. This level of granularity and oversight can help homeowners better understand their energy usage and take steps to optimize it.
  3. Backup Power Integration: For homes with battery storage systems, the SPAN panel can intelligently route power during outages, ensuring essential loads are kept running while non-essential loads are shed.
  4. Circuit-Level Monitoring: One of the standout features is the ability to monitor energy usage at the circuit level. This allows homeowners to see exactly which appliances or rooms are using the most energy.
  5. Easy Retrofit: The SPAN electrical panel is designed to replace traditional panels, making it relatively easy for professionals to install in homes that are undergoing renovations or energy system upgrades.
  6. Safety Features: The panel incorporates modern safety features and can detect faults or irregularities in the electrical system, alerting homeowners to potential issues.
  7. Future-Proof: As homes continue to evolve with more smart appliances and devices, having a modern electrical panel that’s capable of integrating with these technologies is crucial. SPAN’s design is made with this future in mind.
  8. Seamless Solar Integration: For homes with solar panels, the SPAN system can offer seamless integration, ensuring that homeowners can utilize their solar energy optimally.
  9. Reduced Energy Costs: With better energy management and the ability to integrate renewables effectively, homeowners might be able to reduce their electricity bills.
  10. Attractive Design: Unlike traditional breaker boxes which are purely utilitarian, SPAN’s panel has a sleek and modern design, which may be appealing for homeowners.
  11. Environmental Benefits: By facilitating the efficient use of renewable energy sources and providing insights into energy usage patterns, the SPAN electrical panel can contribute to reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

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