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Do you need you need a new water heater? Are you wondering how much it costs to replace a hot water heater? When your water heater fails, you want a new installed quickly and efficiently. The professional plumbers at Pacific Coast Home Services have you covered. It is unpleasant feeling when you jump in the shower and don’t feel any warm water, or when you are about to wash your face and are getting nothing but cold water. This is a sign that there is an issue with your home water heater. Not to worry, call the professionals you have been trusting for more than 30 years at Pacific Coast Home Services. One of your staff members will set you up with an appointment with a highly trained professional plumber to fix your water heater issues and restore your hot water.

Signs Your Water Heater Needs Service

  • Only cold water is coming out of the faucets
  • Unpleasant aromas are coming from your water

  • Dirt and/or debris coming from the water

  • Rust colored water appearing from faucets

  • Abnormal noises coming from your water heater unit

  • Water Heater unit is leaking

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Water Heater Service Appointments

Scheduling water heater service appointments with Pacific Coast Home Services is easy and hassle free. Our highly trained plumbers can bring to your attention of any parts that need to be replaced immediately to avoid being without hot water. By properly having your water heater serviced regularly you can get the most out of your water heater investment. The maximum lifetime of a conventional water heater can be up to 10 years. We understand that most homeowners do not worry about their water heaters until the time comes that it stops working. These situations tend to occur at the most inconvenient times. Having hot water in today’s household has become a necessity and is needed to complete daily household chores. Let us take help you cross that off your to do list and schedule service maintenance call with us to make sure your water heater is running to its full potential and bring to your attention of any things needed to be replaced.

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Pacific Coast Home Services is your friendly, local HVAC contractor servicing most brands of equipment and proudly installing industry leading Lennox systems.

Once our highly trained plumber professional inspects your water heater, they will be able to diagnose the situation and recommend as well if it is more cost effective to repair or replace the water heater unit. Pacific Coast Home Services will be completely honest with our customers and only recommend a replacement unit if it is truly needed.

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