Air Duct Cleaning is Important in California

Air ducts are associated with your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system, and are responsible for distributing heated or cooled air throughout your home. Air duct cleaning removes dust and other contaminants that acquire over time from your air ducts. They are basically the circulatory system of the home, making air duct cleaning essential and very important!

AIr Duct CleaningDo you know what condition your air ducts are in at this moment? We are willing to be most home-owners do not have the answer to this question.  This is understandable as air ducts are not exactly the most obvious part of the average climate control system. However, they are much more important than they seem. If not properly maintained, air ducts can cause issues for your climate control system and health issues for you and your family. The best way to ensure that your ducts are kept in good condition, is to schedule air duct cleaning at least once every few years, as advised by The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA).

Pacific Coast Home Services offers comprehensive air duct cleaning services throughout San Jose and surrounding areas. With a focus on customer service above all else, you can count on honesty and dependable service from our team. If you want to keep your home healthy and comfortable, contact us today to schedule a duct cleaning appointment with one of our HVAC experts.

Airborne Contaminants and Their Effects

Why is it so important to keep your ducts clean? The average home contains many microscopic airborne contaminants floating around in the air. These include dust, pollen, dander, germs and other tiny particles. Being exposed to these contaminants can cause a wide range of health problems, from allergy attacks to the flu to severe asthma symptoms.

Most of the time the concentrations of these contaminants are low enough that your body is able to defend against them without any major negative side effects. That changes when you add in air ducts.

I called and was lucky enough to get a same day appointment. The service man showed up in a truck with all the necessary parts to complete the job.

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K. Larkin, Pleasanton, CA

The technician that came out was incredibly professional, courteous and he knew his business very well. As you can see 5 out of 5.

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The Indoor Air Quality Concerns with Air Ducts

Air ducts deliver hot or cold air to living spaces and draw in stale air for re-conditioning. During the air circulation process, pollutants from dust, animal dander, household chemicals, etc. are pulled into the ductwork of your home. On average, these airborne contaminates are re-circulated throughout your home 5 to 7 times daily. Simply stated: air ducts provide a place for airborne contaminants to collect over time, amounting to higher concentrations the longer you don’t clean them. This kind of buildup can cause a number of problems for both you and your HVAC system. Subjecting your body to a higher dose of contaminants makes it more likely that your health is being affected, which is why you should clean your ducts regularly.

Pacific Coast Home Services air duct cleaning services remove the toxic mix of contaminants that can build up on ductwork surfaces. Give us a call to schedule air duct cleaning and ensure proper indoor air quality for your home today!

The Air Duct Cleaning Process

At Pacific Coast Home Services, we abide by the industry’s highest standards for air duct cleaning. We begin with a complete examination of your home’s ductwork. This inspection allows us to identify any related duct problems like leaks, loose connections, or excessive moisture. By addressing these issues, you can enjoy cleaner air ducts and maximizes your energy savings.

Pacific Coast Home Services follows the standards set by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) when performing air duct cleaning services. Our courteous and professional air duct cleaning technicians use the following process:

  • Our crew will show up to your residence on time, in a Pacific Coast Home Services branded vehicle.
  • Our technicians will introduce themselves and carefully review the requested services and explain the details of our air duct cleaning process.
  • Ensure that all vents and returns are accessible, and place protective flooring covers, and corner guards where needed.
  • Carefully seal your vents and returns before duct cleaning begins and maximize air flow by putting your air conditioning ducts under negative pressure.
  • Connect a powerful vacuum device to your main trunk line to collect dirt, dust, mold and other contaminants that will be dislodged during the process.
  • Insert high pressured compressed air whips into the ductwork in order to dislodge any dirt and debris, which will be collected in the containment unit.
  • Upon completion, we will seal the access hole in your main trunk line with a metal access panel.
  • Review the air duct cleaning service with you to ensure complete satisfaction, as well as answer any questions you may have.

When to Schedule Air Duct Cleaning Services?

You might be shocked to know just how much dust is really in your house. According to NADCA, up to 40 pounds of dust is created yearly solely due to everyday living! Your HVAC system recirculates air 5 to 7 times daily, pulling in dust and other air pollutants into your air ducts, attaching to the walls, and accumulating up over time. Cleaning your air ducts helps to maintain healthy indoor air quality in your home. Below are a few indicators that you should call for air duct cleaning services:

  • You are having to sweep and dust more than usual.
  • You are experiencing higher than normal utility bills – clean air ducts can improve your system’s efficiency.
  • Allergy signs appear, especially after air starts to flow – air duct cleaning removes known triggers such as mold and dust.
  • Rooms in your home have little to no air flow coming from the AC vents – air duct cleaning will aid in restoring air flow throughout your home’s ventilation system.

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