What is an Air Scrubber and Why Do I Want One?

An air scrubber is a filtration system that is effective in eliminating particles, gasses, and/or chemicals from the air. These machines remove contaminants by pulling in air from the surrounding environment and passing it through a series of filters. The size of the space being serviced will determine the size and complexity of the air scrubber system, as well as the range, type, and size of contaminants inhabiting the area.

Air Scrubbers Eliminate 99% of Airborne Bacteria Inside Your Home

Air pollution is not only car exhaust and smog, it also includes airborne bacteria inside your own home. In fact, according to the EPA, air pollution is two to five times higher inside your home. This is a major concern when you consider that most people spend 90% of their time indoors. Air Scrubbers are proven to eliminate 99% of indoor air pollution and airborne bacteria in your home.

Air Scrubber

Do I Really Need an Air Scrubber?

Many times, you pollute your home without even knowing it. Pet dander, hair spray, candles, gas stoves, and household cleaners are just a few contaminates polluting your indoor air. While the majority of these are hard to avoid, an Air Scrubber can greatly decrease the amount of hidden airborne bacteria in your home.

With an Air Scrubber, You Can Breathe Easy

– 99% of all surface and airborne contaminates are successfully eliminated.
– An air scrubber purifies air, significantly reduces bad odors, and removes 99% of airborne bacteria inside your home.
– You, your family, and visitors with weakened immune systems, allergies, or respiratory sensitivities are protected from air pollution in your home.
– Air scrubbers clean up to 3,000 square feet

If left unregulated, indoor air pollution can cause health issues such as headaches, fatigue, sore throat, nose irritation, respiratory disease, and in extreme cases, cancer.

How Does the Air Scrubber Kill Bacteria?

As aforementioned, all indoor air is filtered through your HVAC system. With an Air Scrubber, any air that entering your HVAC system will undergo an extra cleaning. Air Scrubbers purify indoor air by attacking contaminates on all surfaces using light waves and a special catalytic process that produces ions which remove dust particles. It also releases safe oxidizers like hydro-peroxides and hydroxides that convert into healthy oxygen and hydrogen.

An air scrubber is placed at the entry of your air ducts above the evaporative coils. This is an optimal placement because it forces all air through the air scrubber for cleaning.

As shown in many University studies, after use of an air scrubber, particles that could potentially cause illnesses, such as E-coli viruses, Strep, Staph, and Listeria, are eliminated from your home.

Your Home Stays Cleaner With an Air Scrubber

Yet another perk of an Air Scrubber, is that it helps to greatly reduce the amount of dust in your home! As air flows through the scrubber, particles clump together making them easier to spot and scrub away.

Do I Need a New HVAC System?

No, you do not need a new HVAC system in order to install an air scrubber. Air scrubbers are simply add-on to your existing heating and cooling system. Our expert technicians at Pacific Coast Home Services are trained and ready to install an Air Scrubber into your existing HVAC system.

Install an Air Scrubber in Your Home

Have questions about installing an air scrubber in your San Jose home? Pacific Coast Home Services is more than happy to help.

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