What is a whole house fan?

A whole house fan is an exhaust system  venting into a home or building’s attic, designed to circulate air. A whole house fan pulls air out of a building and forces it into an attic space, or in a case of homes without attics, through an opening in the roof or an outside wall. This causes a positive pressure differential in the attic forcing air our through the gable or soffit vents, while at the same time producing a negative pressure differential inside the living areas which draws air in through open windows.

Benefits from using a QuietCool Whole House Fan:

  • Saves up to 90% off your AC bill – We offer the most energy efficient whole house fan systems on the market. This allows our consumers to recapture their investment quicker than any other “green energy” product on the market with the ability to cut AC costs by up to 90% and reduce AC wear and tear.
  • Cools Your Entire Home – The QuietCool whole house fan system cools the entire house by up to 30 degrees and the attic by up to 50 degrees. The system will make you feel 10 degrees cooler INSTANTLY.
  • Ventilate Your Entire Home– The QuietCool Whole house fan system exchanges the entire volume of air inside your home 15-20 times per hour. This will allow you to breath fresh air continually; control mold and mildew; reduce airborne sickness.
  • Exhaust Your Home Of Foul Odors– With QuietCool. exhaust your home of cooking, pet, and other odors. This will allow you to enjoy a healthier, odor free enviroment.
  • Quietest Whole House Fan On The Market Today– The QuietCool whole house fan operates at the sound of a whisper. You will be able to sleep, talk or watch TV without noise disruption. QuietCool whole house fans average at 45 dB while a traditional whole house fan averages at 85 dB
  • Made in America – The QuietCool whole house fans are manufactured in sunny Southern California, USA in our 43,000 square foot manufacturing plant.
  • Standard 10 Year Warranty – The Quiet Cool Stealth and Trident whole house fans are backed by a standard 10 year manufacturers’s warranty.
  • Industry Leading 15 Year Warranty – The QuietCool Stealth and Trident whole house fans are backed by an industry-leading 15 year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Patented Whole House Fan System – The QuietCool is a patented whole house fan system that is suspended in the attic and ducted down to your ceiling to allow whisper quiet operation. This unique design has changed the industry. Look no further than QuietCool; the quietest and most energy efficient whole house fans on the market.