Pacific Coast Electric Heating and Air, Inc. Electrical Home Service in the Moss Landing

When in need of a skilled electrician in the Bay Area, look no further than Pacific Coast Electric Heating and Air. With many people offering their electric repair and installation services without proper licenses or expertise, it is good to be able to count on a professional for such an important job.

With a local, family-owned and operated business to turn to, you’ll know you are in the caring hands of people with the right tools. The business is state-licensed, meaning that the job will be handled by highly qualified individuals with the correct credentials. Properly licensed, in your neighborhood and operated by a close group assures customers that the services provided will be trustworthy.

With over 35 years of experience, even the most difficult of electrical problems can be handled in a timely fashion. This experience makes for extremely knowledgeable professionals that will be able to take care of any problem.

Pacific Coast Electric Heating and Air has been inducted into the Home Services Hall of Fame for an excellent business. This honor is granted to only a small fraction of electrical contractors across the nation. Among the reasons for the induction are its great workforce, excellent guarantees and top-of-the-line customer service.

A great company not only boasts great service, it also must include appropriate pricing schemes. Far too many contractors give estimates of their work before they begin, only to charge more after the work is started or completed. This often happens due to inexperience and lack of ability to properly assess the situation. It can also happen when contractors are trying to get customers to pay for their services—by offering a more tempting price, the customer is more likely to accept their services, not knowing that “there’s a chance that it may cost more” will turn into a certainty. With Pacific Coast Electric Heating and Air, the exact price for the work is always given and must be approved before any work is started. This means the customer knows exactly what the service will cost and will never have to worry about unexpected prices through Straight Forward Pricing.

Any truly outstanding business will do more than offer the best services, it will also offer the best customer service available. At Pacific Coast Electric Heating and Air, customer service is available 24/7 with friendly attitude and prompt availability. When waiting for a service call, you can expect a timely arrival by the electrician appointed as well.

Customer satisfaction is paramount for any business, and Pacific Coast Electric Heating and Air has you covered on that end. With friendly electricians that have been rigorously tested before being hired, the job will get done perfectly by an individual you can talk to normally. Many contractors offer a guarantee on their work, but certainly not many offer a Lifetime Guarantee like this one does. With this kind of guarantee, in the rare case of any mistakes they can be handled without extra cost.

Pacific Coast Electric Heating and Air is the place to go for all kinds of electrical repairs and installations in the Bay Area. For service you can trust and pricing you can expect, this is one excellent service committed to customer satisfaction.

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