When to Call Pacific Coast Electric Heating and Air in Los Altos

Los Altos electrical systems aren’t immune to faults and problems. A minor problem may go unnoticed but major issues can lead to adverse consequences. Having a faulty electrical system affects the quality of life negatively. You have to make sure the circuits, wires and breakers are in good shape. But, problems can occur at any time. You need to call Pacific Coast Electric Heating and Air, Inc. (PCE) in Los Altos right away if you find any issues with the electronics in your home. Here are some situations where you should give PCE a call immediately for you Los Altos Electrical requirements.

Circuit Breakers Trip or Fuses Blow

The circuit breakers and fuses are there to prevent the electrical system from overloading. They are essential to ensure your safety. But if the circuit breakers are shutting down repeatedly or tripping regularly, you should take it as a sign that there is something wrong with the electrical system. Similarly, if the fuses are blowing, you should call an electrician without delay. If the current increases, the circuits could break open and the fuses melt. Moreover, fire could break out in the electrical system. You have to be careful.

Lights Dim When Turning On Appliances

The electronic appliances in your Los Altos home place a great load on the electrical grid. Appliances such as the air conditioner, refrigerator or dryer needs much more power than a bulb or a fan. Obviously the load will increase when you turn them on. However, if the lights start dimming when you turn on the appliance, it means they require more power than available and they are getting it from the lights. Though it may not seem like a major problem, your appliances and other electronic equipment can get damaged beyond repair. It can prove to be very costly.

Switches and Outlets Heat Up

Do the switches and outlets feel warm/hot when you touch them? This can be caused by loose or damaged connections which are obstructing the smooth flow of electric current. As a result, resistance is created within the switches and outlets which cause them to heat up. It can be highly dangerous as the heat could lead to a fire or an electric shock that could hurt you and your family.

Extension Cords Are Used Extensively

Modern homeowners in Los Altos need multiple switches and outlets in every room to plug in their appliances. In the older homes, such outlets are installed some distance away from each other forcing them to use extension cords. This means there are two issues. Firstly, the electrical installations in the house are antique and haven’t been upgraded for many years. Secondly, extension cords are not exactly the safest way to plug in devices or appliances over a long distance. The technicians at PCE will install new sockets and outlets wherever you need them.

These are some of the situations where you should call PCE in Los Altos right away. Delaying your call can lead to injury or financial loss. Make the call so that the problem can be nipped in the bud!

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