Why hire Pacific Coast Home Services for your outdoor lighting project?

  • There are lots of things to consider when planning your landscape lightening, safety, long term function and a company who will back up their work.
  • By hiring professionals instead of handymen you eliminate costly errors  getting it done right the first time.  It seems like 90% of what our tech do is repair faulty work of people who knew enough to be dangerous. An example was a job where someone installed too many lights on a run and the transformer overheated caught fire.
  • You’ll meet with a company that has over 20 years of landscape design and install. The process of adding lights starts with a personalized meeting  so we can learn how your landscape is used, how we can  thoughtfully plan out lightening effects that literally will look like we painted with lights.
  • A written plan follows.
  • A team of  professionals will lay out and  before installing will do a double check on the goal of each placement…where it will shine insuring the goals of each client. “”You don’t actually want to see the lights themselves…we want to see what’s it lightening.
  • A Pro will do a voltage read  on every light and make sure there are no issues. We use a laser device to make sure we’re aiming the light right where you want it and its perfect before we bury the wires.

The real fun begins when our technicians hand the client a remote control device that’s really cool technology  allows up to set you up with timers, photocells that sense movement .. it’s endless ..

You’re a button away from  lighting  up the area with shadows with the push of a button. 

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