How Homeowners Can Eliminate the Number-One Cause of All Home Fires
Pacific Coast Home Services Offers Safety Tips as a Part of National Fire Safety Month

SAN JOSE, Sept. 28th, 2020 – October is National Fire Safety Month, and Pacific Coast Home Services is celebrating it by providing a series of safety tips that homeowners should know. This is the second of five releases with helpful information, and it discusses an important topic: eliminating home fires due to cooking equipment.

According to the Home Safety Council, cooking equipment creates more home fires than anything else. “When in the kitchen, it can take just a momentary lapse of concentration, and you have a potentially serious problem on your hands,” Juan Conchas, Install Manager of Pacific Coast Home Services, said. “And you should never leave anything cooking while unattended. That’s a recipe for disaster.”

  • Here are some kitchen safety tips everyone should know:
  • Remove or distance combustibles that are stored near the cooking surface, including curtains, decorations, and towels.
  • If interrupted while coking, turn the burner to low, and throw a towel over your shoulder or carry a spoon with you as a reminder to return quickly to the range after taking care of the interruption.
  • When frying with oil, never leave the pan and heat it slowly so the oil doesn’t reach the ignition point. When finished cooking, turn the burner off, move the pan to a cool burner, and put a lid on it.
  • If you should have a pan fire, put a heavy oven mitt on and slide a lid over the pan from front to back. Then, turn the burner off. This method is a better option for household pan fires than fire extinguishers, which if used improperly can spray burning grease out of the pan, actually spreading the fire.
  • Store pan lids near the cooking surface so you don’t waste time locating one if you have a pan fire.
  • Never move the pan when there is a fire in it.

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