Furnace Installation for the San Jose Area 

Getting a brand-new furnace or another heating unit is a big step for your home with many benefits. It is also a large investment for your space. When you need help making the difficult decision as to which one is the best fit, contact your friends at Pacific Coast Home Services. Our professionals have helped residents in San Jose and surrounding areas for over 30 years. We have plenty of experience with all makes and models. Your heater installation is a warm breeze for us as we get to work quickly to get you the heat you need to keep your home cozy and comfortable. 

Our dedication to all things HVAC and electrical appliances and systems is why residents trust us with their repairs, maintenance, and more. When you need replacements, we can help find the perfect fit to ensure your entire home is heated in the most energy-efficient ways. Your heater will start working for you and saving you money in the long run! Also, providing heater maintenance throughout the year helps give your system longevity. 

Signs You Need a Heater Installation in Your San Jose Home  

Needing a new furnace isn’t always as apparent as recognizing when heater repairs for your furnace are necessary. Luckily, when there is something wrong with your heat, you can call the experts at Pacific Coast Home Services for help. Our technicians assist in helping decide whether you need to purchase a new furnace and request a heater installation or if you can simply get a repair. Below are some of the reasons our team may suggest a heater replacement over getting a repair: 

Energy-Efficiency: When your current furnace starts to work harder to get you the desired temperature in your home, it’s starting to cost you more each month. You may also have an inefficient system to begin with, if you purchased the house with it. Sometimes unfit systems are installed in spaces too small or too large. Even though the furnace has a great energy-efficient rating, size does matter when considering installation.    

High Repair Costs: If you are frequently repairing or need a significant repair to your furnace and the total costs of repairs are reaching half the price of a new heater, then you should highly consider the replacement. Each repair affects the life of your furnace. While keeping up with maintenance helps increase it, other repairs can help reach its end quicker. You should also only need repairs every other year or so. Frequency is another big sign you need a new heater over continuing to repair.   

Age of Your Furnace: The average furnace lasts between 15 and 20 years, so if yours is older than this, our professionals will suggest a newer model for your home. Even with proper maintenance and repairs throughout its life, age will get the better of the appliance, and you don’t want to get left without heat for longer than you need. Our professionals recommend starting to save for the replacement at about 10 years to help cover the initial cost.  

No Longer Safe to Operate: If you begin to notice a slow or lower performance in your current system, it is best to check on the flame. Should you see a yellow flame instead of a blue one, your system is now a safety hazard, and you should definitely consider calling Pacific Coast Home Services for help with a new heater installation. 

Benefits to Expect with a New Furnace 

Most people think of the cost when they need a heater installation. We would like to help you feel positive about this exciting purchase for your home by focusing on the benefits you will receive with your new investment. Not only do you get to work with the stellar team of Pacific Coast Home Services, but you can have your heater work for you, get evenly heated rooms, and more!  

Get the Right Fit for Your Home: If your furnace came with the home, the previous owner might not have had it sized correctly. Buying a new one ensures we can get you one ideally fit for your home for the best heating possible. 

Enjoy Your Space: After we complete your heater installation, you will feel how a proper furnace can warm your entire home. No longer will you need to worry about grabbing an extra blanket if going to the basement or putting on a hoodie when hanging out in the living room. 

Get Money Back: Your new furnace not only heats your home but puts money back in your pocket once you turn it on. Having an appliance with a higher efficiency performance means it won’t have to work as hard when trying to heat your home to the desired temperature, costing you less monthly on your energy bills.  

Contact Us Today for Heater Installation and More 

Pacific Coast Home Services is here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even if you need a heater installation performed on Thanksgiving, we’re there! Call us today and let us help remove, shop, and install your new furnace to help you enjoy your space more and start saving money. We can’t wait to help make your home as cozy and comfortable as possible.