Energy Efficiency reduces the environmental impact and saves money. Replacing old and outdated appliances and home systems will help the environment along with local and state resources.

At Pacific Coast Electric Heating and Air we can help you decide the best strategy to take with upgrading systems and installing energy efficient equipment, we can also help to answer questions about financing for these critical components. In many cases, there is the ability to get 100% financing on all your energy efficient purchases through lenders who specialize in this area.

Energy Financing Partners:

  • Synchrony Financial
  • Benji Financing
  • Hero Financial

Energy Efficient Projects can Include:

  • LED lighting throughout the home and garden.
  • Upgrade Electrical Panel to handle modern loads.
  • Charging Stations for electrical cars.
  • Upgrading to energy efficient appliances.

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You may also qualify for additional financial benefits from Tax Savings & Energy Upgrades. Click the images below to learn more

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