Smart Battery Backup in the Bay Area

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Never go without power in your Bay Area home with the help of a smart battery backup from Pacific Coast Electric Heating & Air. Smart battery backups are exactly what they sound like: batteries that backup your home energy storage. Experts are saying they could be the wave of the future. When you have a smart battery backup installed in your home, you don’t have to worry about power outages, blackouts, or shortages from your local power company. And sources say they can significantly reduce your energy bills over time. Here in California, where wildfires have made power sources a hot topic, it’s a good idea to preserve your right to power with home energy storage you control yourself. Contact us today to learn more about the smart batteries we provide and how they can benefit your home.

The Importance of Smart Battery Backup in California

As wildfires continue to rage in California, blackouts are becoming more and more common. PG&E has stated that due to the damage that’s already been done, Bay Area customers can expect rolling power outages for the next decade. Of course, the outages are for the sake of protecting the Pacific Coast environment, but what about your safety within your home? When you can’t rely on your gas and electric company to provide consistent power, it is important to have a home energy storage system in place like the smart battery backup options we offer. You should never be left without the power you need. Consider Pacific Coast Electric Heating & Air for your smart battery backup in the Bay Area.

Explore our Products

We proudly work with two leading suppliers of smart battery backup systems: TESLA and Harbor™ Smart Battery by Pika Energy. Both companies are dedicated to providing alternative power sources that can better the planet and make our lives more convenient. The smart batteries we offer from both companies are top-of-the-line industry leaders because we only supply the best for our Bay Area customers. Explore the advantages of both below.

TESLA Powerwall

The TESLA Powerwall is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that serves as stationary home energy storage for many Bar Area homeowners. These smart batteries are designed to store electricity for solar self-consumption, off-the-grid use, backup power, and more. It boasts 100% self-power and can meet all your home’s energy needs for more than seven days of continuous power during an outage. If you use solar power at your home, capitalize on that produced energy by storing it with a TESLA Powerwall. The advanced technology will ensure you are never without power, even when companies like PG&E have to inflict outages.

Harbor™ Smart Batteries

The Harbor™ Smart Battery is a modular Li-ion storage platform that is touted as the most powerful and flexible smart battery currently on the market for homeowners. This home energy storage unit from Pika Energy is designed to save users money over time as they pull from their self-supply and also to provide precious backup power when needed. Harbor™ is an especially great choice for your backup energy source thanks to its “black-start” feature. This capability allows it to restart your system using solar power alone if the battery is completely drained. This means you are guaranteed backup power without the help of the grid. The flexibility of this battery allows the system to accommodate any need or budget, so it is perfect for all Bay Area homes.

Pika Energy Island

Why Choose Pacific Coast Electric Heating & Air

If you are looking for a smart battery for backup power or you’d like to enhance your home energy storage, you’re in the right place. Pacific Coast Electric Heating & Air can help you obtain the best energy storage products on the market, and we’ll install them in your home at a competitive price. Each of our technicians is experienced in the field and works with the utmost courtesy and professionalism. We want you to enjoy your service experience with us. Reach out to our team for easy appointment scheduling or call for professional troubleshooting today. Whether you need a smart battery installation, or you have concerns about your HVAC, we can help.

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You always need power. When you’re ready to take your power usage and capabilities into your own hands, call Pacific Coast Electric Heating & Air. Our expert technicians will help you decide on the model that best fits your home’s needs and your energy goals. We will get a team out to your Bay Area home for a professional installation in no time. Contact us today to learn more!