Pacific Coast Home Services has been providing heating, cooling, and electrical services for our customers living in San Jose, CA, and surrounding areas, including South Bay and Silicon Valley, for many years. For most homeowners, a furnace is considered a necessity when winter temperatures drop too cold. To keep furnaces operating safely and effectively, homeowners need to make sure they have a tune-up carried out once a year.

It’s Time for a Furnace Tune-Up

Yearly inspections are critical for ensuring your furnace works at its prime level. When annual inspections are conducted, minor problems can be discovered before they turn into major issues.

By having us carry out an inspection each year, homeowners can ensure the lifespan of their furnace will be protected. A furnace is an enormous investment, and most homeowners want them to last as long as possible.

Even if you own a new furnace, it is still recommended to have yearly inspections. Although newer furnaces are less likely to break down, inspections help to prevent wear and tear which can degrade the integrity of the system. Without a proper tune-up, the furnace will continue to lose its ability to heat your home properly. Many homeowners ask us why a furnace tune-up is so important. Consider the following:

·         Inspections and tune-ups keep your family safe. Furnaces can produce carbon monoxide, depending on the type. With proper calibration, your furnace will work safely.

·         Tune-ups help to extend the life of furnaces because the parts are lubricated and connections are tightened. With these services, there will be less wear and tear.

·         A tune-up also helps to ensure a furnace will have proper airflow. Airflow is essential for the safe and effective operation of any furnace. A reduction in airflow can lead to overheating and damage.

·         Did you know tune-ups can make your furnace more energy-efficient? With a complete Furnace Tune-Up, your electricity costs will be lessened.

·         Our customers have annual tune-ups carried out because they reduce the risks of breakdowns in the winter. No homeowner wants to face the need for emergency repairs, but we are here if they become necessary.

How to Know You Need a Furnace Tune-Up

Outside of scheduling a tune-up appointment annually, there are some telltale signs homeowners can look for to know when they need to schedule an appointment. If any of the following is occurring, we are a phone call away and will schedule your tune-up appointment promptly:

·         If your furnace is emitting a foul smell, such as rotten eggs, it is time for a tune-up.

·         Furnaces will make loud noises when they need to be tuned.

·         When raising the thermostat does not make your home warmer, it is likely time to have the furnace checked.

·         Furnaces that require frequent repairs may benefit from having a full tune-up.

·         Short-cycling is undoubtedly a sign there are problems with a furnace. If it cuts off and on frequently, we can solve the problem.

What to Expect Your Technician to Do during a Furnace Tune-Up

There are multiple steps involved in a tune-up appointment for furnaces. These tune-ups should only be conducted by certified technicians. Taking a DIY approach is not recommended because it could cause damage and void any warranty on the furnace.

During a tune-up appointment, the HVAC technician will check all the components of the furnace to ensure there are no signs of damage or issues with normal function. If any problems are found, these are reported to the homeowner so appropriate steps can be taken for repairs.

Each part of the furnace is also cleaned, and the moving parts are lubricated. This part of the tune-up is very important for maintaining the lifespan of your furnace.

We will explain each part of the process and offer a detailed report. Our customers rely on these appointments for peace of mind in knowing their families are safe.

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