Pacific Coast Electric Heating and Air, Inc. Your electrical choice in Castroville

Castroville, California

Homeowners and other property owners in Castroville can feel at ease if they need electrical work or repairs done on their building. The staff at Pacific Coast Electric Heating and Air understands that having electrical work done can be extremely stressful and questions always come up about the cost and the reliability of the work. Even homeowners who are adept at doing their own repairs and improvements around the house need to call an expert when electrical work or repairs need to be done. That is why Pacific Coast Electric Heating and Air staff is trained to be excellent communicators as well as top-flight craftsmen. The electricians’, plumbers and technicians at Pacific Coast Electric Heating and Air will explain the work that needs to be done without talking down to you or leaving out important details.

There are many things that make Pacific Coast Electric Heating and Air stand out from other companies that provide similar services. All of the staff is thoroughly screened before hiring. This means that you can feel safe and at ease about who you let into your house. After hiring, Pacific Coast Electrician’s technicians receive extensive training. Pacific Coast Electric Heating and Air has been recognized in the industry as having one of the most extensive and effective training programs in the industry. This training results in extreme attention to details when the work is done at your house. For example, the electricians will not drill holes in your walls even when other electricians may tell you that drilling holes in your walls is unavoidable. Our electricians know how to snake wires through channels in the walls so that drilling is unnecessary. All of our technicians take an attitude of treating your home the same way they would treat their own homes.

Pacific Coast Electric Heating and Air offers some of the most comprehensive warranties available. We can do this because of our extensive screening and training. Our warranties do not cost us extra because we make sure that all of our work is done correctly the first time, resulting in us not receiving calls requesting us to honor our warranties. We also have great consideration for our customers’ time. Our technicians will give you a two-hour window as to when they will arrive. The service call is free if they are late by even one minute. They will also call when they are on their way to your home.

The work done by Pacific Coast Electric Heating and Air comes with a Lifetime Guarantee. You can call us if you are dissatisfied with our work for any reason. We can make this guarantee because we are confident that the work will be done well and done correctly. We also have the confidence to offer reasonable prices that are usually less than the prices of competitors who do not offer warranties and guarantees. We can do this because our extensive training means that our technicians spend less time learning on the job. They can get into your house, complete the work and leave in a short amount of time, resulting in fewer billable hours to you.


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