Air Conditioning Installation in San Jose and the surrounding Bay Area 

When you are in the market for a new air conditioner, you should consult a professional team to ensure you are getting a unit fitting your home and your cooling needs. Pacific Coast Home Services is just the team! We help with selection and AC installation services to get everything connected properly and make your home as comfortable as possible. We understand how warm it can get in the San Jose Area in the summertime. The dedicated technicians know how to install any and all AC makes and models. 

From removal of your current AC unit, until you feel cool air blowing through all your vents, our professionals will be by your side. You should leave the AC installation to the professionals. If there are improperly connected wires or hoses, your comfort could suffer. You could also be paying more each month, which hurts your wallet. Give us a call for these services and more when you purchase a new air conditioner. Let us use our three decades of experience to get your home to your desired temperature. 

Signs You Need an Air Conditioner Installation

When your air conditioner stops working, or you simply want to switch to a more energy efficient AC unit, call Pacific Coast Home Services for professional AC installation services from a team trusted all in the San Jose Area. We have helped residents experience the least amount of time without a unit delivering fresh, cold air in every room of their home. And if you’ve ever spent a summer on the West Coast, you will understand how quickly you need to get a team for the job. If you are unsure whether you need a new air conditioner, rely on the information below from our team: 

Poor Air Flow: Is your air not coming out of the vents as strong as it used to? Is it also not as cold as you wished? When this occurs, you should immediately start thinking about calling Pacific Coast Home Services for help. We can help find the problem and begin the process of shopping for a new unit and the AC installation process.   

Condensation Around Unit: All air conditioners develop moisture as part of their general function, but if you notice pools around the bottom or an overabundance of condensation on the unit itself, this is a sign your ac unit may be leaking frion and needs some attention. Our team can discover if it is beyond repair, and you should seek AC installation services.   

Strange Smells: If you are smelling anything when turning on your air conditioner, it may be time for a new installation. Your AC should be putting out neutral-smelling air, so anything should be an indication you at least need to have your system inspected. 

Loud Sounds: Clanking, rattling, banging, and other such noises will let you know if you need a new AC installed or not. These appliances run relatively quietly, and like how any smell should give you concern, so should any noises. We can help you determine if it’s time for a new upgrade and get it installed quickly to help you and your family stay cool all year.   

Rising Energy Bills: Have you noticed you’ve had to pay more each month for your energy bills? Your air conditioner may be getting overworked trying to maintain reasonable temperatures in your home. We find where the issue is coming from and help you find the perfect model to get installed and lower your bills back to a manageable amount.  

Benefits of an Energy Efficient AC Installation from Pacific Coast  

Although it may seem like a significant cost upfront when shopping for a new air conditioner, you should keep in mind the many benefits of getting AC installation services from the experts at Pacific Coast Home Services. We help you find a unit fitting you and your home’s needs for cool air. If you are unaware of the potential upsides of getting a brand-new air conditioner unit, our team has listed them below for you to review: 

Lower Monthly Bills: Having a new AC unit installed generally means you’re getting a machine with better performance. And if you work with Pacific Coast Home Services, you can guarantee you will get a unit with better efficiencies to lower your monthly bill. We will find and install the perfect fit for your home.   

Better Air Quality: Maybe you have been experiencing more problems with your allergies or asthma lately.3 Receiving AC installation services can help significantly reduce these occurrences and give you higher quality air within the home. Thanks to modern filters and more innovations, there are all sorts of ways to ensure you get the best air possible.   

Improved Comfort: Tired of feeling uncomfortable in your home? Our AC installation services will have you feeling relaxed inside your space in no time. In the summer heat, you are going to need to find some shelter from the heat, so why not have the most comfortable home possible? When you choose Pacific Coast Home Services, you will enjoy your home space again.    

Enhanced Machines: Innovations in the newer AC models have come a long way. There are more ways than ever to customize your comfortability, and our AC experts can help you find and install the best machine with high-tech features and add-ons.   

Call Us for Professional AC Installation Services and More!  

If you ever suspect your air conditioner has reached the end of its lifespan, please reach out to our specialists for all the help you need. Our technicians can even provide you with expert maintenance services to ensure your new machine lasts as long as possible. We aim to keep your home as comfortable as possible, and AC installations services are just the beginning. Reach out today if you have any further questions or concerns regarding your AC unit.