Telephone and Computer Data Networking

Telephone and computer-data networking are a necessity today, so expanding and enhancing these communication conduits is often at the top of the consumer’s list. Whether you are simply looking to place a telephone in another room in your home, or implementing a multifaceted, data networking topology in your office building – Pacific Coast Electric Heating and Air, Inc. is here to provide you with such expertise.

Leviton panelboard

Creative Electric adopts and utilizes the latest in technology trends, while still supporting your legacy equipment.


At your home, your immediate solution may be to purchase a cordless phone and have your need solved. Let me explain why having one or more “hard-wired” phones in your home is so important. A cordless phone requires two sources: power and a telephone line. In the event of an emergency, for safety concerns, the power will be cut from your home -rendering your cordless phone useless. The telephone line carries its own power supply and will never intentionally be turned off in the event of an emergency.

Netgear switch

At the office

Just moving into your office and need your cubicles cabled for voice and data? Is your future server room or IT closet ready with a dedicated power circuit? Creative Electric can assist you to quickly and efficiently prepare or upgrade your office’s power, voice, and data needs. We take great care in minimizing data-traffic-flow degradation and EMF interference, at both the interconnects and the run paths.

Preparing for the future

During construction is the very best place for phone and data implementation. At this phase, we can drop in co-axial cable, a data/Ethernet cable, and another cable for telephone or data, in multiple rooms, and wire these in a “star configuration”. This “standardized” setup can be reconfigured at anytime, from a centralized location, and will be able to handle most of customer’s future needs. And for those who need even more flexibility, perhaps to install an HDMI cable, custom wall-header access locations can be installed to facilitate future cable moves or installations.

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