Pacific Coast Electric Heating and Air Proudly Announces Partnership with YGrene:

The smart alternative to traditional, credit-based financing


Get all your projects done at once
Stop worrying about which home improvements to take on first.  Now you can bundle new efficient windows, insulation, and a cool roof into one project.

No up front costs. No closing fees.
Upfront costs are the #1 barrier to moving forward on home improvements – especially those that cut energy usage.

Fixed terms up to 20 years
No balloon payments. No funny business with rates. Just one low rate locked in for the long haul. Make payments as a line item on your property tax assessment bill thanks to a partnership with your local government.

Energy savings pay for the improvements
You control how much you save.  Whether it’s windows and insulation for efficiency or adding solar to the mix, we find the right balance for you and your home. And your pocketbook, of course.

Payments stay with the property
If you sell your home, the payments on Ygrene financing can transfer to the new owner – so you only pay for improvements while you use them.

No credit score required
Ygrene financing isn’t considered personal debt. Eligibility is based on property equity. There’s no reason to take on debt for home improvements anymore.

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