Pacific Coast Electric Heating and Air: Combining High Quality Services with Safety in Saratoga

With years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers in Saratoga, Pacific Coast Electric Heating and Air Inc (PCE) is the service to call for any electrical services you require. A proven track record in various aspects of home electronics, including home improvement and entertainment, we bring more than just quality electrical services to the table.

You might be able to care off the odd problem with your appliances and devices on your own. When it comes to major faults, it is better to leave it to the professionals at PCE. All personnel employed by us are put through a detailed screening process, ensuring they possess the skills needed for the job and have no blemishes on their records.

When calling a handyman home for a job, any homeowner in Saratoga would be a little apprehensive. After all, you cannot trust a stranger even if he comes highly recommended. We at PCE put our customers’ safety first and try our utmost to make sure the customers feel safe while employing our services.

Reliable Professionals at Pacific Coast Electric Heating and Air, Pacific Coast Electric Heating and Air Service in Saratoga

  • The technicians employed by us are the best in their fields. Every electrician on our team has spent years working in the field and is an expert. The combination of experience and expertise is what guarantees customer satisfaction on every job.
  • The employees are screened thoroughly before they are hired. If any of the applicants does not meet our high standards, he is rejected on the spot. We verify the people we hire are reliable and the right ones for the job. There is a technical aptitude test and reference verification to judge the abilities of each person who applies.
  • Along with a skill check, the applicants are also required to undergo a drugs test. We guarantee that none of our employees has a history of drug use or any substance abuse. We want to ensure the safety of our customers when we send our technicians to carry out the job. A criminal background search is also done along with a driving license check to find out about the background of the technician. There are no criminals on our team.
  • All of our technicians have to sign the Customer Service Pledge which binds them to provide high quality services of a standard we are known for. Their skills are constantly updated through training on an annual basis. Every electrician goes through a training session spanning 150 hours each year to bring his skills set up to date.

Feel Safe with Our Electricians in Your Home

Our topmost priority is making Saratoga residents feel safe while our technicians are working in their home. The hiring process we use and training provided to the employees ensures there are no safety issues. You don’t need to supervise the electrical work being carried out. To clear your hesitation, you can check out our licenses and certificates to verify the credentials of our electricians.

At Pacific Coast Electric Heating and Air, we can handle virtually any electrical need you might have, including:

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